How Smart are your Digital Devices Today?

The technology progress is simply amazing. Today we can even give orders to our house to perform actions such as switching off/on the lights, preparing coffee and locking the front door behind us. Even children have smartphones and tablets today and they can handle them better than some adults. We live in the age of fast and progressive technology, so there’s no wonder we have smart devices and we keep on upgrading them from time to time.

What your devices can do for you

As a remote control – Photo cameras can now communicate with our smartphones. You can control your camera from your phone and have your photos automatically transferred to your phone or to your computer as soon as you switch off the camera. You can use your phone as a remote control for the camera. As a matter of fact, you can use your smartphone as a remote control for any device that has this feature enabled.

Everything seems easily connected – All digital devices are able to communicate to each other via wifi or Bluetooth. We’ve got so used to it, that many of us can’t live without our digital devices and gadgets. Some of us take our gadgets with us to the bathroom. Many of us even sleep with our smartphones on the nightstand. However, some studies show this is not a healthy habit, so we should try to rely less on our phones and more on traditional alarm clocks to wake us up in the morning.

How smart are your smart devices

As a health monitoring gadget – You can have your heart rate and your sleep quality measured by a wristband. You can know how many steps you’ve taken each day, how many calories you’ve consumed in the process, and how many minutes you’ve moved. Some of these activity trackers can also measure your swimming parameters. You can monitor and adjust your daily activities for maximum health and performance. You can improve your fitness level, lose weight or simply monitor you daily step count, in order to match the recommendation to take at least 10,000 steps daily. By doing this, you have more chances to be healthy in your elderly age, so the sooner you start tracking your fitness, the better.

How smart do you think your digital devices are? Do they live up to what you’ve just read here? If not, you should try to update yourself on new information and technology wonders. These digital devices have applications that trespass the IT area. They can help us live healthier, as we can use them to monitor our vital parameters. It can help you get fit!

The above are just some of those things nobody would have imagined 20 years ago. The science fiction of yesterday has become our today’s reality. But no matter how smart the digital devices of today may appear, you can never predict what the future is going to bring us. There’s still a lot of room for advancement. We may be able to fly without having to use an aircraft, who knows. Or even teleport ourselves like in the sci-fi movies. The future is ours and it is very promising, but we can’t know what’s in it for us until we get there and become responsible enough to embrace the speed of change in technology.


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