Customer Service: Digital Innovation on the Rise

The world of customer service has drastically changed these past few years. You probably think of call centers and customer service representatives (CSRs) who answer calls and emails all day long when you think of customer service. The truth is that new technologies have changed the way companies provide this type of service.

New Expectations

Technologies have led to consumers developing new expectations regarding their interactions with brands. Consumers want to have access to helpful answers right away and to be able to talk to a live person when they need to. They also want to have several ways to contact customer service – via phone, email and chat.

Digital Innovation

Technology is making it easy for companies to provide higher quality customer service. Automation is one of the factors that really transformed the way customer service is provided by companies. In the past, customer service representatives would often have to provide the same answers multiple times in a day’s work. Customer Relation Management (CRM) software and other database automation tools have taken some of the workload away from representatives since these tools were made to handle some of the interactions.

New technologies are helping customer service to be more responsive. Customers often had to wait for long minutes on hold before someone could take their call. But with the use of email, chat and social media, it allows CSRs to handle more than one issue and spend less time with each person who needs help. Automation is also helping with responsiveness since CRM software can just send automated answers right away if someone needs answers to common issues.

It seems that the old school method of providing answers to inquiries is being replaced by an astounding set of ways developed by the latest technology.

Those companies that still rely on the old method in providing customer service are rapidly switching to this new model. Consumers are getting used to receiving answers right away and are able to contact a company via social media or an online chat. Customers in return are now more likely to choose to order from a brand that offers high quality customer service instead of ordering from a company that only offers a phone number.

Feedback still Rules

Digital innovation on Customer Service

Most companies use feedback as a way of improving their customer service experience. It is now easy to send automated emails to anyone who recently contacted a customer service department and ask them to fill out a simple survey. This practice allows companies to measure satisfaction rates and to figure out how to improve the way their CSRs deliver the service.

The latest technology has changed the way companies offer customer service, mostly by providing them with efficient automated tools that can handle a number of customer interactions. Companies now give customers multiple ways to contact their customer service which have tremendously developed high expectations for customers. It is crucial for companies to always be responsive, provide people with helpful answers and make sure they have an ideal experience when they interact with the CSRs.

Technology has changed the way companies provide customer service for years, and businesses have to adapt to these new applications since their competitors can result to offering better customer service with the use of these modern tools. Point well taken enough, great customer service is one of the things consumers look for when shopping.

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