In the world of construction and renovation, your reputation will be your asset especially if you plan on doing this for a long time. One of the reasons why some family businesses are passed from one generation to the next is because of the company’s reputation to its clients and customers. For those who are going to start becoming a contractor, it is crucial to know exactly how to build your reputation.

The Right Price

The first thing that you have to consider is the price. Real estate is already expensive as it is. A lot of people turn to loans to build their homes or to have their property renovated. And whether you accept it or not, people are going to be penny-pinching most of the time. Unless you are going after high-end clients that have a large budget, you will have to make sure that your pricing competitive.

One of the ways to ensure that your budget is competitive is to make sure that you study your market well. You want to take a closer look at other companies’ pricing to know exactly if your price is within the same range or perhaps higher or lower.

Is the cheapest price always the best way to get clients? At times, it isn’t the case. Those clients that don’t have a decent budget are usually hard to work with. Imagine dealing with limited manpower and materials.

Good Communication Skills

Another reason why contractors get a good reputation within their niche is when they communicate well with their potential clients. A lot of potential clients are going to email multiple contractors. And the truth is that the first impression strikes the most. How fast do you respond to your potential clients? Do you call them back or answer their emails within 12 hours? If you tend to answer late, this may be seen as a red flag by your clients.

The easiest way to build rapport with your clients is to be responsive to your communications. It means that the first thing that you should be doing once you wake up is to check your phone for messages and emails. You want to also answer inquiries in a professional tone. If you are swarmed by messages regularly, you might want to make a canned response that you can use.

Fast and Reliable Service

Fast reliable service is ultimately something that can help give you good reviews. To make sure that you meet your clients’ expectations, you might as well hone your skills and only stick to work that you are confident with.


And lastly, you want to be transparent with your clients. There are some clients who want to know more about your background and even want to see your permits. By being transparent with your clients, you can gain their trust.

Starting your business as a contractor can be challenging for different reasons. You have a lot of competitors in any area. And on top of that, you also need to ensure that your clients are happy.